Why Natural Resources?

You derive a multitude of benefits from your forests and trees. They provide a place of recreation, valuable raw materials, and environmental benefits such as clean water and air.

Single trees can substantially increase property value, screen unsightly views, reduce high winds, and lower heating and cooling costs.

Much like you visit the doctor each year, trees need special attention to ensure their health and continued survival. Moreover, properly managed forests and ecosystems can increase the amount and types of benefits you enjoy.

Foresters, arborists, and trained professionals can determine your ownership goals and examine your forests, trees, or natural lands for potential issues or conflicts and work with you to determine solutions in meeting your objectives.

Why Northwoods?

Northwoods is a team of highly motivated professionals that help landowners effectively manage their woodlots, forests or undeveloped lands.

With a complete staff of registered foresters, water conservationists, and certified arborists, we are experts in green practices and resource conservation. From 2 acres to 2000, whether your goals include investment or wildlife protection and beauty, we can help you find ways technically and financially meet your goals.

Whatever your natural resource needs are, contact us today.